If you’re a team leader or development manager or anyone who has to work with a group of developers to help them reach the finish then I bet you all share some common experiences and frustrations.

I’ve always been interested in solving problems and debating answers and am really interesting in meeting other herders to bounce ideas around with. There are some really interesting and unique challenges in this game, like,

  • How do you allow you your team to keep up with the latest shiny technology without putting the project at risk?
  • How do you motivate developers when they’re forced to work on something they’d rather not work on?
  • What value is there on sending developers on training courses or to conferences?
  • How do react when you hear, “I can’t give you an estimate, it will take as long as it takes!”?
  • How do you discover and hire awesome developers?
  • What do you do when you hire a not-so-awesome developer?
  • How do you transition from being a coder to a herder of coders?
  • Does a herder of coders need to have been a coder?

Anyway, just throwing this out there to see if there’s any interest – if you live in Wellington NZ, and think this sounds fun, then drop me a line.

And if I know you, expect me to drop you a line!